We are the standard of excellence in Martial Arts training

We are the standard of excellence in Martial Arts training


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  My children started Master Kim's Black Belt Academy a few years ago and we could not be happier with what we found here.
  Master Miller teaches the children in a way where they respect him, but do not fear him. Children that have certain medical conditions and learning disabilities, you can find Master Miller reading books to better understand their condition. Therefore, he may teach them in a way that is conductive to their learning ability.
  Another positive attribute of Master Miller is that you can find him at his academy 5 times a week from morning until night. He has qualified instructors and junior instructors in the making. I do not believe you will find a more dedicated instructor. Children like consistency; it works here at Master Kim's Black Belt Academy.

Sincerely, Melissa Fox

"Our family lives a bit far from Bechtelsville, but we've driven our son in for lessons at Master Kim's Black Belt Academy several times a week for over three years because it's a fantastic place for kids to learn and practice the martial arts.
Master Miller is great with kids and creates a positive atmosphere. Our son has done several sports a year growing up, yet he's never had a better atmosphere of camaraderie than Tae Kwon Do"

Brian Forsyth

I have spent about 5 years at Master Kim's Black Belt Academy and it has helped me in many different ways. The first and most obvious way is that it has taught me an art of self defense which hopefully I will never use but it is better to know Tae Kwon Do and not need to use it than need Tae Kwon Do and not know it. It has also helped me with self-defense, first time listening, concentration, respect, a good attitude, and many other good things. Tae Kwon Do will help all your physical capabilities as well, including flexibility, strength, endurance, agility, awareness of your surroundings, speed, accuracy, timing, and many more physical attributes. I have had lots of fun at Master Kim's Black Belt Academy and it is a great atmosphere in which to make new friends and learn new things!

Raphael F. Forsyth

I have been a student of Master Miller's for over a decade, and I can honestly say joining Master Kim's Blacl Belt Academy was one of the best decisions I ever made. It has taught me discipline, self-control, respect while keeping me phicsically fit. I would recommend that everyone try Tae Kwon Do or some  martial art at some point in their life. Master Miller is a great instructor who provides a friendly and knowledgible environment.

Cody Hallowell

I became involved in Tae Kwon Do when my youngest son was five and I was looking for an activity we could do together; I was 36 at the time. My youngest son loved it, then my oldest son joined, and he loved it, and, 15 years later, I still love it.

It’s not just the exercise, it’s not just the bond you build with other students and staff, it’s not just the fun you have learning that, no matter the age, you can still do incredible things you had thought impossible, it’s the quiet confidence you develop that helps your life be calmer and more directed.

Plus, it’s hard to stress out over anything when you are in class and your foremost though is, “Where did all the oxygen go?”

But, no matter how good martial arts are in general, without a great school you’ll never really progress beyond mere technical prowess. This is where Master Kim’s excels. Certainly we have solid skills and training, as is proven every time we take students to tournaments, certainly we incorporate ideas and techniques from other martial arts to improve and extend our own proficiency, but what makes Master Kim’s really stand out and why I have chosen to train and teach here is the school’s basic and constant philosophy.

Stated simply, it’s an attitude of respect. Respect towards the students, respect towards the instructors, and respect towards our family, friends, and strangers.

If you are looking for a school that will tell you why you are better than everyone else, Master Kim’s is not for you. If you are looking for a school that will push you to be a better athlete, a better student, and a better person, then you could not find a more welcoming school.

Plus, and admit it, you really want to try breaking some boards. Trust me; it’s even cooler than it looks.

Jonathan Moore
Student and Instructor

Kinder Kids class has exceeded our expectations with Master Miller. Our son had previously taken Tae Kwon Do with another school but this program is far more focused and even reinforces "life lessons" and social skills that coincide with what goes on in our child's day-to-day life. The respect that is given and is expected of the young students is impeccable and my son gets so excited when he knows he is going to train that day. He never wanted to go when we were with the old school and I believe that is because he is now learning Tae Kwon Do in a fun, structured environment. I could not recommend this program more highly to anyone interested in enrolling their children.

Colleen M. Weininger-Albert

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