About Us

Master Kurt G. Miller (7th dan) is the owner/operator of Master Kim's Black Belt Academy. He has been training under the guidance of Grand Master Jon Chung Kim (9th dan), who came to the US and began teaching the art of Tae Kwon Do in 1974. Master Miller has over 44 years of experience and noted accomplishments, including Mid-Atlantic States Champion in the heavyweight division.

The instructors at Master Kim's Black Belt Academy are friendly, knowledgeable, and qualified. We are specialized in teaching proven self-defense skills and strategies. We are dedicated to helping our clients improve their mental, physical, and spiritual health. In doing so, we have built a reputation that is synonymous with good health.

Our instructors attend workshops and seminars to continue their education and guarantee that our clientele will receive cutting-edge instruction and technical knowledge.

We teach beginners through advanced students' self-defense, self-discipline, concentration, respect, and a positive mental attitude.