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Classes That Benefit Your Body and Mind

MASTER KIM’S BLACKBELT ACADEMY offers martial arts classes that will benefit your body and mind. Aside from our regular classes, we are also available to do private lessons and presentations for various groups such as scout troops, senior citizen groups, corporate groups, school classrooms, church groups, PTA, business groups, and more. We are also available to provide entertainment for parties, banquets, and special events. Themes of presentations include Self-Defense Awareness (Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3), Stranger Danger, No More Bullies, and Martial Arts Fitness Workout.

Adult Programs

Our Adult program not only focuses on self-defense, but it also addresses the health and fitness needs of our clients. Everyday stress has become more of a health issue than ever before. Who doesn't feel some form of pressure in their life, job-related stress, the economic downturn, family issues, and a host of other personal challenges? Studies have found that people who work out regularly can manage stress better than those who live a sedentary lifestyle with little or no physical fitness. All of the tae kwon do classes at Master Kim's Black Belt Academy incorporate a balanced approach to martial arts training that includes strength training, flexibility, cardio, and positive visualization. We have created an environment where people from all walks of life come together and learn self-defense skills that will protect you and your family. You can achieve your fitness and weight goals, which results in you looking and feeling great.


Adults age 13 and above.

  • Gain confidence that you can defend yourself and your family.
  • Relieve stress associated with everyday life.
  • Lose weight to look and feel great.
  • Improve focus and self-esteem.
  • Meet like-minded people.
  • Get in shape while having FUN!

Children’s Programs

All of our students develop superior social skills that translate into the ability to handle themselves in any situation. The Kinder Kids martial arts classes are designed for children 4 to 7. Children in this program are in their developmental stage of life. While learning Tae Kwon Do, they also develop valuable life skills such as concentration, respect, self-discipline, positive mental attitude, and confidence. These skills enable children to be successful at an early age. The Kids Program also focuses on other fundamental skills such as teamwork, control, memory, balance, physical fitness, and coordination. The kids' classes are designed for ages 8 to 12. Our instructors have developed a well-researched curriculum that combines traditional martial arts techniques with modern training methods and instruction to teach age-appropriate self-defense skills and essential life skills. These life skills include goal setting, positive attitude, leadership skills, character development, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

  • Positive life skills
  • Nonviolent approach to self-defense
  • Acquire skills and confidence to deter bullying
  • Develop respect and discipline
  • Improve focus and grades
  • Meet new friends
  • Get in shape while having FUN!

Birthday Parties

Our affordable birthday parties are a big hit with parents and kids alike. Contact Master Miller for information about available dates and prices.

Master Miller can customize a program to meet the needs of your group. Our presentations are fun, informative, and provide participants with valuable information in self-defense that will help keep them safe.

These programs can be presented at the Academy in Bechtelsville or the location of your choice.


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